The efficacy and acceptability of amineptine
versus fluoxetine in major depression

Dalery J, Rochat C, Peyron E, Bernard G.
Hopital Neurologique, Lyon, France.
Int Clin Psychopharmacol 1997 Jul;12 Suppl 3:S35-8


The temporal dimension, particularly anticipation, appears to be a very important component in the understanding of depressed patients. In a 90-day multicentre study, the efficacy and acceptability of amineptine and fluoxetine were compared in 169 patients with major depression. Comparison of the two antidepressants was based on double-blind methods, after random allocation of the treatments between two parallel groups. The two drugs did not differ over the whole course of the study, but the improvement in scores on day 4 was globally more marked in the amineptine than the fluoxetine group. Intragroup analysis showed that amineptine was significantly superior to fluoxetine on the retardation pole of the mood, anxiety, retardation, danger scale. The positive effect of amineptine on anticipation may enable the depressed patient to make plans for the future. Anticipation may be a key dimension to be more precisely explored in specific psychopharmacological protocols with antidepressants.

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