Amineptine (Survector 100) in the treatment
of depression in Brazil

Costa e Silva JA
School of Medicine,
Department of Psychiatry,
State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Clin Neuropharmacol 1989; 12 Suppl 2:S87-96


Amineptine was studied in open, simple, and comparative trials in several Latin American countries, primarily in Brazil, Uruguay, and Chile. These countries developed studies with this antidepressant in an individualized way in different centers as well as multicenter studies under single coordination. The author analyzes the results of two of these studies. Generally, amineptine showed a positive result in depression in which the inhibition symptom is predominant. This drug also showed a good tolerance: it may be prescribed to elderly patients with depression and to people who suffer from diseases for which the classic antidepressants cannot be recommended. Many other studies on this drug were developed among the general practitioners in view of its rapid onset of action and also its easy clinical handling. Many people who suffer from depression are not treated by psychiatrists; it is very important that other specialists take notice of these effective and safe antidepressants. It is also very interesting to compare these studies to others that have already been developed in several other countries so that a better comprehension of the phenomenon of depression and its treatment can be reached.
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