Interactions of amineptine with the neuronal dopamine uptake system: neurochemical in vitro and in vivo studies
Bonnet JJ, Chagraoui A, Protais P, Costentin J.
J Neural Transm 1987;69(3-4):211-20


The effects of amineptine on 3H-dopamine uptake and 14C-dopamine release have been studied simultaneously in double labelling test performed on rat striatal synaptosomes. 3H-dopamine uptake was completely inhibited at 10 microM amineptine, a concentration which produced only a weak 14C-DA release (13% of the 14C-radioactivity stored). The IC 50 for the inhibition of 3H-DA uptake was not modified by a previous treatment with reserpine whereas the IC 50 of (+) amphetamine and the IC 50 of clomipramine were decreased 9 fold and increased two fold, respectively. In binding studies on rat striatal membranes amineptine displaces in vitro the 3H-GBR 12783, bound specifically to a component of the neuronal DA uptake complex. The apparent affinity of amineptine for this binding site was more than 150 times higher than its affinity for the binding site of 3H-desipramine on rat cortical membranes. In mice, increasing doses of amineptine injected i.p. reduced in a dose dependent manner the specific retention of radioactivity in the striatum after an i.v. injection of a tracer dose of 3H-GBR 12783. These data indicate that amineptine inhibits DA uptake and is virtually devoid of DA releasing effects. It displays a relatively low affinity for the NE uptake system. Its neurochemical profile in the double labelling test clearly differs from that of (+) amphetamine and from that of classical tricyclic anti-depressants.

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