Extensive multicentric study of 1354 cases
of depressed subjects treated with amineptine

Deniker P, Besancon G, Colonna L, Coudert AJ,
Danion JM, Dufour H, Escande M,
Feline A, Fontan M, Gayral LF, et al
Encephale 1982; 8(3):355-70


Psychiatrists and general practitioners are already well acquainted with amineptine. It nevertheless appeared interesting to expand previous clinical trials concerning use in hospitalized patients and outpatients. The results of this extensive study involving 1354 cases coming from 13 french regions confirm and specify the therapeutic indications in the various types of depression as well as its status within the antidepressant group. The low occurrence of side effects and the remarkable acceptability were also confirmed by this larger-scale study performed by 162 experimenters, all of whom were psychiatrists. The two most remarkable points arising from this study were the homogeneity of results for each region, as well as their consistency with previous findings during the clinical trial phase. Overall results in depressive disorders were: 76% positive (of which 52% very good and good results), particularly concerning melancholia (201 cases) and neurotic or reactive depressions (815 cases). Extensive evaluation of results indicated that amineptine was a fast acting desinhibiting antidepressant.
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