Single-dose pharmacokinetics of amineptine and
of its main metabolite in healthy young adults

Lachatre G, Piva C, Riche C, Dumont D,
Defrance R, Mocaer E, Nicot G
Service des Urgences,
Hopital Universitaire Dupuytren,
Limoges, France.
Fundam Clin Pharmacol 1989; 3(1):19-26


The pharmacokinetics of the tricyclic antidepressant amineptine (Survector) and its main metabolite were studied in 12 young healthy adults (6 men, 6 women; mean age 35.8 yr). Plasma samples were taken over 24 h following a single oral dose of 100 mg amineptine chloryhdrate. Plasma levels of both compounds were determined by means of high performance liquid chromatography. Amineptine was rapidly absorbed. Mean peak plasma concentrations of amineptine and its metabolite occurred 1 h and 1.5 h, respectively, after product administration. The mean apparent volume of distribution was large: 2.4 Elimination was rapid; the mean half-lives of the 2 compounds were short: 0.8 h for amineptine and 2.5 h for the metabolite. The mean apparent plasma clearance of amineptine was high (124.8 l.h-1). When the results were adjusted for body weight and surface area, no significant difference in pharmacokinetic parameters was found between men and women. Given its pharmacokinetic characteristics there is no risk of amineptine accumulation and thus it is a particularly easy drug to manage. A standard dosage of amineptine was defined for use in healthy young adults.

Early onset
Murine steatosis
Amineptine excess
Mesolimbic dopamine
Amineptine and the rat
Amineptine manufacture
Amineptine and smart mice
Amineptine and smarter dogs
Amineptine and unipolar depression

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