2 cases of amineptine dependence
Ginestet D, Cazas O, Branciard M
Encephale 1984;10(4):189-91


We relate two cases of amineptine (Survector) overconsumption by patients cured for atypical depression with asthenia and activities deficit as the prevalent symptoms. Prescription of two tablets a day (0,200 g) was respected in one case during six months, and in the other case during two years, with therapeutic benefit on apragmatism. To no obvious reason, within few months both patients had gradually raised the doses to twenty tablets (2 g) and thirty tablets (3 g) respectively: we observed subexcitation, insomnia, sensorial hyperaesthesia, irritability, tachyphemia with dysarthria, anorexia with weight lost of more than 10 kg and amphetamine-like troubles without confusion or delusion, as a result of which both patients were treated for their addiction, in hospital. Treatment with clorazepate perfusions did not cause any physical dependence problems. However, psychological dependence was strong enough for one of the patients to go out, on the third day, against medical decision. As far as we know, in France, only one such case of addiction use at high doses and in single intakes is mentioned in the existing literature. However, our observations suggest that it might be necessary to re-assess the place of amineptine among new antidepressive molecules with psychostimulant abilities.

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