Effects of thymo-analeptics and acceptability
of amineptine compared to those of imipramine

Ropert R, Barte HN, Ostaptzeff G, Kamoun A.
Encephale 1982;8(3):389-403


Amineptine and imipramine were compared in a double-blind controlled trial carried out in 52 depressed patients over a period of 30 days, with daily doses of amineptine ranging from 100 to 300 mg or of imipramine ranging from 50 to 150 mg. Global assessment of response to treatment and Hamilton rating scale scores showed no significant difference between amineptine and imipramine. Both drugs were effective as soon as the 7th day of treatment, and their efficacy constantly increased during the 30 days of the observation. The clinical acceptability of amineptine is superior to that of imipramine: in the amineptine group acceptability was considered excellent in 67% of the cases; in the imipramine group acceptability was considered excellent in 48%. 8% of the patients in the imipramine group were withdrawn from the trial because of intolerance.

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